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Health Goal

I am working on losing weight and becoming more fit. I am not focusing on a certain weight but rather a certain appearance. Healthy.

What is your goal for fitness?
Please comment.

Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; while others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than before.

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Please Weigh In

I am sure you can relate:
I am confronted every morning by my friend, my enemy.
The scale.
I love her when she tells me I lost weight. I despise her when she tells me I put on a few pounds.
She almost seems to wince when I step on some days.

How I wish she would speak in a Julie Andrews voice almost singing my weight. I can just imagine what she would say (on a good day), “Brilliant! You have lost a few pounds and I am so proud of you!!”
Or (on a bad day), “Oh darling. Don’t panic but you have put on a few. Not to worry though it will come off again. Come on. Hop to!”

I often feel pulled towards the scale as if a magnetic force. I shouldn’t weigh often when trying to lose weight. It can be deceiving while you are in the midst of gaining muscle and losing fat.

So, I am on a new mission. I will not weigh myself for at least one week.
(Baby steps)

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Coopers 5k


Cooper does not care so much about getting fit. This is his version of walking a 5k

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Bread in my Blood

Bread and I reach back to the ancestry on my father’s side- we are Croatian on that side. Bread being very important to them, I feel I have inherited the love of bread. Bread is in my blood and has been a part of almost every meal

Unfortunately I am working with my husband on a low carb eating plan.

My heart breaks every time I walk through the bakery at the grocery store.
I feel I have been going through the stages of grief- sadness, denial, anger…
I am not a bread-aholic No I don’t have a problem!
I can turn down bread.
Well…it shouldn’t be this hard to smell and watch others enjoy something.

I hate that it contains so many carbs!

Just yesterday Diane and I chose our favorite place for lunch at the Lake.
Ok so it was “On The Rise Bakery and Bistro”. Not the wisest decision but I was determined to find something.
My mouth was practically drooling (maybe i did drool a little) as I read about paninis and ham and cheese rolls.
I was a good girl and with tears in my eyes ordered a salad. It took every ounce of strength to even get the words out.

Once it arrived I poured the raspberry poppyseed dressing over the smoked bacon spinach salad. Ok so it smelled delic! I took a bite still dreaming of my bread but was sweetly surprised! It was the most satisfying salad. I loved it!!!

So….just maybe I can do without a little bread and find a new love.
On second thought, have you tried “Red Lobsters” cheddar biscuits?!!!

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City Girl Goes Country

Today I am enjoying some time with my sister in law, Diane at their beautiful lake home!
She said she would walk with me this morning on my normal training day.
Usually my friend, Yolanda and I head out around 6:00 am (pretty early for two night owls) and walk about 3- 3.5 miles on what is known as the greenway.
While it appears to be a park on one side, there are buildings and roads on the other. (I refer to it as city-country).
Even on the greenway I fear creatures (even though I have only seen rabbits).

FYI I use mapmywalk (a great ap!) to gps and keep track of distance and time.
So around 9:00 am Diane and I start off on the all gravel road at an average pace of 3-4 mph.
I notice all of the woodlands surrounding us and start thinking of the hidden beasts just waiting to jump out and attack! Are we safe walking out here?
Now the rational side of me says, “Dont worry- they are more scared of you..” but the really vocal city girl in me says, ” Did I just hear a bear!”

I am not the person who enjoys going to the country to get away from everyone.

So we trekked today 2.87 very rough miles. I feel pretty good about that! There were a few hills that I swear were mountains!!
I don’t think I have ever walked such steep inclines!!
Plus there were only a few times I almost jumped on Diane when I thought something wild was for sure right behind me!

Not bad for this city girl who will go back to appreciating her city-country routes.

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Yolanda and I finish our 5k



But It’s Raining Outside!

It’s gray and windy and looks like rain at any moment.

Dare I go out and walk anyway?

Yes!  I will not let this dampen my need for fitness and health. Now I could also workout inside but sometimes that outside gray disappears when you confront it head on.

Sometimes it’s what I need to not see it as depressing but as motivating. Get into the thick of it and fight back. Feel empowered by beating it down to a nonessential reason to walk. I can walk in any weather knowing the weather will not impact my decisions.


Each day is a gift. Today is no exception.

Thank God I can see and feel and hear and be a part of thIs day whatever the weather brings.



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