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City Girl Goes Country

on April 27, 2012

Today I am enjoying some time with my sister in law, Diane at their beautiful lake home!
She said she would walk with me this morning on my normal training day.
Usually my friend, Yolanda and I head out around 6:00 am (pretty early for two night owls) and walk about 3- 3.5 miles on what is known as the greenway.
While it appears to be a park on one side, there are buildings and roads on the other. (I refer to it as city-country).
Even on the greenway I fear creatures (even though I have only seen rabbits).

FYI I use mapmywalk (a great ap!) to gps and keep track of distance and time.
So around 9:00 am Diane and I start off on the all gravel road at an average pace of 3-4 mph.
I notice all of the woodlands surrounding us and start thinking of the hidden beasts just waiting to jump out and attack! Are we safe walking out here?
Now the rational side of me says, “Dont worry- they are more scared of you..” but the really vocal city girl in me says, ” Did I just hear a bear!”

I am not the person who enjoys going to the country to get away from everyone.

So we trekked today 2.87 very rough miles. I feel pretty good about that! There were a few hills that I swear were mountains!!
I don’t think I have ever walked such steep inclines!!
Plus there were only a few times I almost jumped on Diane when I thought something wild was for sure right behind me!

Not bad for this city girl who will go back to appreciating her city-country routes.


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