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Bread in my Blood

on April 28, 2012

Bread and I reach back to the ancestry on my father’s side- we are Croatian on that side. Bread being very important to them, I feel I have inherited the love of bread. Bread is in my blood and has been a part of almost every meal

Unfortunately I am working with my husband on a low carb eating plan.

My heart breaks every time I walk through the bakery at the grocery store.
I feel I have been going through the stages of grief- sadness, denial, anger…
I am not a bread-aholic No I don’t have a problem!
I can turn down bread.
Well…it shouldn’t be this hard to smell and watch others enjoy something.

I hate that it contains so many carbs!

Just yesterday Diane and I chose our favorite place for lunch at the Lake.
Ok so it was “On The Rise Bakery and Bistro”. Not the wisest decision but I was determined to find something.
My mouth was practically drooling (maybe i did drool a little) as I read about paninis and ham and cheese rolls.
I was a good girl and with tears in my eyes ordered a salad. It took every ounce of strength to even get the words out.

Once it arrived I poured the raspberry poppyseed dressing over the smoked bacon spinach salad. Ok so it smelled delic! I took a bite still dreaming of my bread but was sweetly surprised! It was the most satisfying salad. I loved it!!!

So….just maybe I can do without a little bread and find a new love.
On second thought, have you tried “Red Lobsters” cheddar biscuits?!!!


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