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Please Weigh In

on April 30, 2012

I am sure you can relate:
I am confronted every morning by my friend, my enemy.
The scale.
I love her when she tells me I lost weight. I despise her when she tells me I put on a few pounds.
She almost seems to wince when I step on some days.

How I wish she would speak in a Julie Andrews voice almost singing my weight. I can just imagine what she would say (on a good day), “Brilliant! You have lost a few pounds and I am so proud of you!!”
Or (on a bad day), “Oh darling. Don’t panic but you have put on a few. Not to worry though it will come off again. Come on. Hop to!”

I often feel pulled towards the scale as if a magnetic force. I shouldn’t weigh often when trying to lose weight. It can be deceiving while you are in the midst of gaining muscle and losing fat.

So, I am on a new mission. I will not weigh myself for at least one week.
(Baby steps)


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