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Strawberry Recipes

As if they were reading my blog, Health magazine tweeted about strawberry recipes today!!

Check it out:

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A New Day

I am proud today. Proud that I made myself walk even though I had a million excuses.
(I am too tired. It is wet. It may rain on me…)
Below are some photos I took today of “the greenway”-where I walk.


I took a little bit longer than my average walk.
Should I really be proud of myself?
Yes! My hip was hurting. I was sweating. I pushed myself to my limits today!


Today I couldn’t go any faster than I walked. I was able to really jet on the first half but slower on the back. I stopped several times to take photos.
All the while I was thinking, “man! My time!”
Still, I did pass a lady with an oxygen tank walking. Don’t laugh- she was moving pretty quick!

So I just want to share this not because I did something so great, but because I want you to not beat yourself up when you don’t do as well as you think you should.
Whether that means how “good” of a wife or dad or friend or cleaner or cook or bargain shopper (fill in the blank) you critique yourself on today.
Each day is new.
A new chance to do better. Another gift of making this day special in any way you see fit.

Sometimes it means getting over my own fears or laziness. I have to really talk myself into doing more and doing my best.
I don’t think I am alone in this.
So…I will try again tomorrow to make myself do better and try not to rate myself by one day.

After all I did pass a man who was really walking fast! Ok so he was an older man with a cane, but still…


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Fruity For Fruit


I absolutely love fresh fruit!
That is where my few healthy eating habits benefit me.
I grew up eating fruit without sugar or sweetener. Just raw fruit.

One year we had buckets and buckets of fresh strawberries in dad’s garden.
There were so many! We ate as we picked like we wouldn’t get any if we didn’t shove them in our mouths.
Our fingers stained red, we would be proud of our over full buckets.
Fresh from the garden strawberries.
I haven’t had a better strawberry since that summer.

This is where I learned about strawberry pancakes! A favorite of mine to this day.

On the dessert menu I often debate between chocolatey or fruity.
It is a tough choice.
I mean I am not saying that fruit desserts are good for you, but it does make me feel better about eating dessert.

Summer- welcome! Fresh fruit at its best! Mmm.
I can’t wait to devour watermelon and cantaloupe and berries and peaches and….

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NPR Article- Health And The Obamas

NPR posted the following article:
Hope you find something that inspires your healthy habits.

How Do Your Dinnertime Rules Compare To The Obamas’?

Published: May 29, 2012
by Allison Aubrey

If you listen to the Morning Edition interview with first lady Michelle Obama, you’ll know she’s come out with a new book about the White House garden. It’s just one more effort to help create a culture of wellness among Americans, which began with her Let’s Move campaign in 2010.

As leader of this campaign, Mrs. Obama has been careful to keep it real. She acknowledges that her family, like most of the rest of us, enjoys burgers and fries on occasion. And, in public, she’s shown that she enjoys all kinds of food — and likes to celebrate it.

But she has also made it clear that in the Obama household, there are some rules at meal time. The Obamas eat brown rice instead of white, limit dessert to a few times during the week and pack lots of vegetables into dinner.

What else? Mrs. Obama told NPR’s Rene Montagne that dinner is a ritual for her family.

“At 6:30 we make it a point, that if we’re in town, no matter what the president is doing, we stop what we’re doing, we sit down and and have a meal as a family,” she said. Clearly it’s not always possible with the president’s schedule, but it’s a high priority, she says.

And what are Sasha and Malia drinking?

“Water is probably the best thing you can do for kids or low-fat milk,” Mrs. Obama says. “Just eliminating sugary drinks, take out the soda.”

Besides eating together, the family also tries to exercise for 30 minutes a day.”Even if it’s going for a walk, make it fun, make it silly,” she says.

As moms, dads and caregivers, lots of us are probably aiming for these same types of goals. So we wondered, how often are you able to pull it off? Take our online survey and weigh in. [Copyright 2012 National Public Radio]

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A Real Housewife

You probably have seen “The Real Housewives” series.
These women in different cities are “housewives” but there seems to be a couple of pre-requisites.
They must look beautiful and be filthy rich! They are also changing the world one drink at a time.
I don’t see them changing a diaper, taking the dogs out or running errands for their husband. I am sure they must do those things, just not on camera.

I happen to be a “real” housewife.
I wish just once they would show some of the day to day action as it really occurs.

Waking up to work out, not in a posh gym but in the basement with a flop sweat and no make up.

Running errands that aren’t glamorous lunch dates but going to the post office and hardware store.

Picking up fresh spinach and ground beef and other boring items at the “normal” grocery store after parking the Chevy Malibu in the over crowded parking lot.

Taking the dogs out to potty. Having to chase one through the neighbors yard.

Cleaning the toilets and dusting and doing laundry while singing along with the I-pod. Did I mention I can’t sing?

I don’t lead their glamorous life but I feel pretty fulfilled. I am pretty sure that most “real” housewives are as normal as I am. Ad in a child or two or three and you have a crazy day that I am sure most moms don’t even know what happened at the end of the day.
They would love to record their day just to see what they actually accomplished!

I have family and friends that I actually love and don’t yell at or get in cat fights with.

I keep busy with what I consider normal daily duties. Cooking and cleaning and organizing. No scheduled lunches with my friends that include heels and drinking. Looks like a turkey sandwich today.
Speaking of which…guess I should go get busy- laundry and cleaning here I come.

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Letter Home

In a ceremony to remember fallen soldiers, a letter was read from one of the honored men.

This is part of what it said:

“There will be a child who will live because men left the security they enjoyed in their home to come to his,” Stacey wrote in his letter. “He will have the gift of freedom which I have enjoyed for so long myself, and if my life brings the safety of a child who will one day change the world, then I know that it was all worth it.”

Read more:

US Marine Sergeant William Stacey had died in January in Afghanistan. He had written a letter to his family to be read in the event of his death.
In it he explains that he was fighting so that children may be able to live out their dreams.

We remember with great pride to live out our dreams in honor of these brave men and women. Wouldn’t it be a shame not to?

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Remember To Live

Today is Memorial Day.
For some this year, it will be sad because of the loss of their loved one.
So many great men and women fight and die so we can live.

Memorial Day has always had such a good feeling for me!
Is this a blessing from loved ones from above?

They want us to live!
So maybe that means taking a moment to remember them with the joy they brought to your life.
Count the blessings he or she filled your time with.

I believe today is a great reminder to not take for granted the loved ones in your life or for even having another day!

Love and live with great joy for the gift of today.

If that means eating ice cream and hot dogs, or drinking a beer with your buds, go for it!
If it means swimming at the pool, lake or beach, do it!
If it means going to the movies with your family, enjoy!
Take some time today to live the gift that today is!

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Slide Baby Slide

I have been living in the eye of the tornado the past several days.
My brother got married yesterday and we have been host to a spontaneous (as in we didn’t know about it) before party and a planned lunch in between the Wedding and Reception.
There was the Rehearsal dinner and going shopping and getting nails done…

The best part of it all has been spending time with my family!
The craziest part has been spending time with my family! Just kidding! (Sort of)

The wedding day was hot and busy – to say it briefly.
The dance was hosted by a dj who also liked to sing (he had a guitar and yes sang) music from the 70’s mainly (the Eagles I think were his favorite).
Not that it was bad, but young people like to dance and those tunes weren’t getting the job done!

Finally he started playing songs from people’s phones. Songs we could all dance to.

All around -the person that was on the dance floor most- my sister, Melissa. She was a dancing star as she grabbed person after person to get them on the floor!
So much fun to dance with her!!

Cutest dance went to the adorable blond flower girl in her cream dress that she loved to twirl in as she danced with my uncle.

My favorite song was the new version of the Electric slide (don’t know the name). I Love the Electric Slide!
This has to be the best dance ever because you can funk it up or slow it down. Countrify it or turn it into a rap.
Young people and older people all dance to it!
My twin and I used to do a version where we went down on one knee and jumped back up. Sashe and Shimmy.
Slide baby slide.

My favorite dance was with my husband. No one else seemed to be in the room as we floated around the dance floor. (Awww.)

The sweetest moment was when my niece sang a song she wrote to her new step mom. She is a pre-teen (tween-ager) and has gobs of confidence. No way would I ever do that! She even “rapped” part of it.

Another successful wedding in the end I would say.
People ate, danced and conversed.
Many people will be eating smoked pulled pork, ribs and chicken for a week.
And family is all traveling back to their homes in different directions.

Until the next wedding, when plans will be made and parties held and cake eaten.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Congratulations Clint and Christine!
We all wish many happy years for you!

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Not As Good…

Sheena and I are on my home turf today and walked 4.07 in 56:48
(13:58 min/miles).

This was not nearly as good as our walk the other day.
We felt like we were going fast but we knew we weren’t super quick!

So here are my excuses:
-I am so tired!
-My leg hurt
-We have big hills!!

Jefferson City does have huge inclinations.
I love Kansas walk trails!!

Oh well… Best time on this trail anyway.
Can I do better?
I will keep you posted.

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Shop Til You Stop (And See Yourself In The Window)

Is there anyone out there who can relate?

I have an image in my head of how I look. My pants are baggier now that I have been working out.
I feel good, as if I should be down 2 sizes.
Then I go shopping!

I first see myself in all of the store windows and mirrors. I still look heavy!
I do not look like how I feel.
But now I feel the way I look!

I am probably down a size -in most stores, but I feel it should be more.
My clothes are going to have to fall off before I go back.
It’s too depressing.
I know I have lost weight and my muscles are breaking through the fat, but I am not the dreamy vision in my head.

It’s a fight. A daily battle.
I can’t eat that quick, fried meal.
I can’t drink two glasses of wine (in a big glass so it feels like one).
I have to work out 3-4 days a week!
I can’t give up.

So…please don’t judge me (or my fellow strugglers) for my lack of modern short shorts or mini’s.
One day I will look the way I feel and when I look in those windows I will feel shocked in a good way!
I will feel the way I look!