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Just Heavenly

on May 2, 2012

I just experienced one of my longest nights away from home with little sleep. A lumpy mattress, sandpaper sheets, and a stuffy room were not a good combination.

I realize that our bed is very comfortable, feeling tailored to meet our sleep needs. Our sheets are baby soft and seem to whisper me to sleep. Our down comforter hugs us good night. Rest is very important to your health. Great rest even more!

There is a hotel bed out there that is the only bed I feel can rival our bed in the ability to lull me to sleep.
The Renaissance Hotel (St Louis Airport) has a bed truly called the “Heavenly” Bed. My niece calls it the “Cloud Bed” in her cute tiny Australian accent.
I can see how she must feel when put on the bed. She almost sinks into it with a puff. Looking up from the white pile of down she looks angelic as she smiles and settles in.
A sigh cannot help but escape as your body thanks you in advance for what is guaranteed a proper nights rest.

The hotel has made it a luxury to go to sleep. You can actually buy the bed and sheets etc… It is from the Heavenly collection and I am sure worth every penny.
For now I will dream of our next encounter and will go home to flop myself down on our own personal “cloud” bed!
I guess I must be thankful for these other beds. They do help me to appreciate ours just a little bit more.

Sweet dreams…

(To look up this bed search “Westin Heavenly Bed)


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