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Check It Out!

on May 4, 2012

Ok so I LOVE this months
“Health” magazine!

Here are my favorite sections:

Pg 22 where it says,
“In a Dutch study, people seated at a cluttered desk solved problems more efficiently than those in tidier spaces.”
Proof for all of us non-“organized” to the judgmental observer that maybe we aren’t just “messy”! The study says your brain wants to create order harder when not surrounded by it.
Hmmm. I like it!

Pg 47-50 “The New Way to Conquer Cravings”.
Talks about tricking your brain by eating something that gives you the same satisfaction. Does knowing this help or hinder my attempt to try this?
The best tip that I haven’t tried or heard about, “Just clench your fists!”
(for 30 seconds). This is supposed to help control impulses.
We will see!

Pg 56 talks about some yoga poses that help improve posture.

Pg 59 Playlists for your mp3 for different activities like the elliptical.

Pg 63 great inspirational story of a lady who lost 46 pounds.

Pg 107 Easy Meals. They look yummy too!!

Hope you can check it out!
I find if I have this handy I am more likely to be inspired to get healthy and stay healthy. Well worth the subscription!!


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