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Ode to Maurice

on May 8, 2012

Today I learned Maurice Sendak died.
Author of “Where The Wild Things Are” among many other great classics.

He was an inspiration for me to start writing.
Many many people-young and old, grew up loving his books.
He didn’t write for children. He wrote for all of us.
I feel children’s book authors can accomplish more in fewer words.
He being one of the best.

There is a reason “Where The Wild Things Are” connected with so many.
Max is a child who lives in his imagination. Mainly this is where he lives out the anger he feels. Children do get angry and Maurice recognized this and captured that feeling.

A mom can’t get her son to behave.
She is frustrated. Many parents and teachers can relate to this feeling.
“Go to bed! No supper for you!”
Reacting in anger.

Then there is the obvious love.
The love Max wants to get and the love the mom gives in to over her frustration.

The brilliance of the story is really his poetry. The words read like lyrics.
When reading out loud the expressions the story teller gets to create and find freedom in is entertaining.

So here is to Maurice who went against the grain. No painting over life but dealing with the grittiness of it.

I wish I could have met him but I am happy to have connected with his works.

You have sung your song through children’s books.
Reaching all ages as so few can do.
Thank you for the words and pictures that encourage the spark in my creativity to burst into flame after reading your works and admiring your art.
I hope that flame can one day turn into a work to be proud of. A work to share with others. A work that will inspire someone else to not give up on their dream and to accomplish their goals.

“Please don’t go. We’ll eat you up. We love you so”
(fromWhere the Wild Things Are)


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