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on May 9, 2012

This morning I was very comfortable in bed. Snuggled in just the right position. Blankets all cozy. Perfect sleep conditions. Then my alarm went off.

Oh how I longed like I have never longed before to go back to sleep.
You know how it is!

But…I (literally) rolled myself out of bed. Yes, rolled and put on my work out clothes. Pulled a bush through my hair, brushed my teeth and set out for my Wednesday walk.

There is a process I go through because I am NOT a morning person.
Just ask my poor husband.
Protein shake. Music to get me going.
Ok. Now I can walk.

Today my goal was to beat my Monday time of just over an hour for a 4 mile walk. I did it!!
14.54 minutes per mile today. I walked just over 4 miles.

I must say I have to thank my husband for 20 years of training. He is about a foot taller than me so two of my steps may be equal to his one.
Thanks babe!

So far this week I have walked over 8 miles and did strength training. Saturday I will push myself again to get up and strength train.

My thoughts for you- if I can do it anyone can!! It is a fight every day to eat right and work out but I NEED to do this. One day at a time.
Today I did it. Tomorrow I will focus on tomorrow.

As a great woman has said, “Replace your ‘I have to’ statements with ‘I am able to.'”
Lysa Terkeurst said this.
Not everyone has a chance and choice to get fit. People with disabilities would love to be able to walk and work out.

Thank you God for giving me health today. I must not forget what a gift it is.


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