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Hope In A Box

on May 11, 2012

It was a small pink box.
The box had cupcakes on it and looked very girly.
I loved the box and thought ” I have to use this for something fun!”

Months later I hosted a book club where I found the purpose for this box.
I wrote on the box:”Life Is Sweet!
Take A Message Of Hope”

Inside I wrote scripture messages of hope. This took some time as I first found passages that filled my spirit and then cut each message and folded them into small squares.
I made several of these cute boxes as gifts for each member to take home and use when needed.

Over a year later I still had a box full of hope.

It found its way out of a closet and I knew just when to use it!
We were having a garage sale and it was a great opportunity to share hope!

I realize how eccentric this may sound to some, but I felt called to do it.
As people came and went, I would ask if they would like a message of hope.
Each looked a bit quizzical but took one. When s/he read the message her or his face would change. It was great to see and feel the impact of His words.
You could see the muscles in the face relax as s/he would smile and take it in.

I knew they were getting the message God wanted for them today.
Some would say, “Wow. This was just what I needed”.
Some would say, “I am going to put this somewhere I can read it all the time.”
Some shared what Church they went to.
Only 1 of probably about 30 lectured me on his thoughts on religion. Even then he connects with the Bible and loved his message.
So many people said, “We can all use a little hope.”
ALL appreciated it.
Just a small box that held hope.

I love conversing with people -most days (I am human). I talk to strangers all the time. Not deep conversations but I try to show a genuine interest in this stranger.
I look them in the eyes and smile.
Really seeing them.
So this- to ask if they wanted a message- was not a challenge.

I was already speaking with them so it was natural. Like asking if they wanted a cookie.

This one lady was so sweet and when I gave her the box to pick a message she was so grateful. She was a little older but her eyes looked younger. She had long gray hair that was loosely knotted on her head. Very artistic in appearance.

She told me her faith denomination and we found we are the same. I invited her to our church sincerely hoping I would see her there. We spoke a little longer and then said our good-byes.

Later in the day as my body and mind were drained and I was ready to take a nap, she came back!

I thought “Was there something else she wanted?”
No. She brought back a photo album of her art work. She paints. Not just wonderfully detailed landscapes, but gourds and rocks. She had these amazing Nativity scene rocks!
She said she no longer paints and doesn’t sell them but gives them to her family.

She said wanted to inspire me to do something. Use my creativity.
Wow! I was moved.

All because of this small box.

She shared with me a story that she was unconscience after being sick and she saw her angel. I then saw a photo of her painting of this figure which looked more like a form than body.
It was mostly light colors that seemed to glow. Chills ran through my body.
She said most people don’t believe her.
Clearly that didn’t matter to her.

What a gift this love for neighbor is!
This little box opened a door.

I was able to share in someone’s talent. She was giving to me what she had to give.
The box I thought was just for others brought a message back to me.
She was giving me hope to not give up on my creativity.

A little pink girly box.
A box of hope.
Life is sweet.


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