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Walk With Friends

on May 19, 2012

4.01 miles in 56:42 minutes/seconds
That is what I walked today.

This week I have walked 12.05 miles in 3.07 hours. (Roughly 4 miles per hour)
The longest day being a little over an hour for 4 miles. This day I walked with my friend.

I realize when I walk with my friend, Yolanda, I walk slower but it is more fun!

We laugh and talk and I freak out.
Well…I mean we were talking about snakes (my biggest fear) and from a distance without my glasses the plastic bag did resemble one!

We have been attacked by birds!
Yes- birds! Maybe not really “attacked” but we felt their wings on our hair as they flew up towards our faces from nowhere! It’s a good thing we had each other to jump on as we screamed.

We found a jewelry chest at a garage sale for $1 !! Normally they range from $100-500. (So we made a quick stop during our walk one day, oh well.)

And we ran a mountainous hill while listening to that song from “Rocky”- you know the one when he runs up the steps. All the way laughing Hopefully not waking the neighbors.

We have smelled burnt toast. Pipes and cigarettes and other smoking smells.

We have beaten our time a couple days- which we only knew because of the city bus that drove by, driver waving like crazy.

We have encouraged each other on our health. Made goals.
Planned her party. Talked about our problems.
Solved world hunger- ok we are still working on that one !

All of this happens in the wee hours of the day. Before our bodies want to get up. Are we always pushing ourselves? No. Are we still being active? Yes.
Is it more fun with each other?
Without a doubt!!


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