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Shop Til You Stop (And See Yourself In The Window)

on May 23, 2012

Is there anyone out there who can relate?

I have an image in my head of how I look. My pants are baggier now that I have been working out.
I feel good, as if I should be down 2 sizes.
Then I go shopping!

I first see myself in all of the store windows and mirrors. I still look heavy!
I do not look like how I feel.
But now I feel the way I look!

I am probably down a size -in most stores, but I feel it should be more.
My clothes are going to have to fall off before I go back.
It’s too depressing.
I know I have lost weight and my muscles are breaking through the fat, but I am not the dreamy vision in my head.

It’s a fight. A daily battle.
I can’t eat that quick, fried meal.
I can’t drink two glasses of wine (in a big glass so it feels like one).
I have to work out 3-4 days a week!
I can’t give up.

So…please don’t judge me (or my fellow strugglers) for my lack of modern short shorts or mini’s.
One day I will look the way I feel and when I look in those windows I will feel shocked in a good way!
I will feel the way I look!


2 responses to “Shop Til You Stop (And See Yourself In The Window)

  1. Mel says:

    Well, first wow about yesterday 5.46 miles that is awesome. It is very inspiring for me. As for the shopping we all have those thoughts and one day you will be able to buy the pant size you want to fit into. Keep striving and working out. Thank you for this blog it’s great and I’m sure hard to write down what your actually feeling for the world to read. Also inspiring. Thank you

    • yomicfit says:

      Thank you!
      It is hard and yet I hope to speak what no one else is saying but surely thinking.
      I hope to not be alone in this.
      I make fun of myself because I don’t take myself too seriously most days.

      I hope it encourages at least one other person

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