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Slide Baby Slide

on May 27, 2012

I have been living in the eye of the tornado the past several days.
My brother got married yesterday and we have been host to a spontaneous (as in we didn’t know about it) before party and a planned lunch in between the Wedding and Reception.
There was the Rehearsal dinner and going shopping and getting nails done…

The best part of it all has been spending time with my family!
The craziest part has been spending time with my family! Just kidding! (Sort of)

The wedding day was hot and busy – to say it briefly.
The dance was hosted by a dj who also liked to sing (he had a guitar and yes sang) music from the 70’s mainly (the Eagles I think were his favorite).
Not that it was bad, but young people like to dance and those tunes weren’t getting the job done!

Finally he started playing songs from people’s phones. Songs we could all dance to.

All around -the person that was on the dance floor most- my sister, Melissa. She was a dancing star as she grabbed person after person to get them on the floor!
So much fun to dance with her!!

Cutest dance went to the adorable blond flower girl in her cream dress that she loved to twirl in as she danced with my uncle.

My favorite song was the new version of the Electric slide (don’t know the name). I Love the Electric Slide!
This has to be the best dance ever because you can funk it up or slow it down. Countrify it or turn it into a rap.
Young people and older people all dance to it!
My twin and I used to do a version where we went down on one knee and jumped back up. Sashe and Shimmy.
Slide baby slide.

My favorite dance was with my husband. No one else seemed to be in the room as we floated around the dance floor. (Awww.)

The sweetest moment was when my niece sang a song she wrote to her new step mom. She is a pre-teen (tween-ager) and has gobs of confidence. No way would I ever do that! She even “rapped” part of it.

Another successful wedding in the end I would say.
People ate, danced and conversed.
Many people will be eating smoked pulled pork, ribs and chicken for a week.
And family is all traveling back to their homes in different directions.

Until the next wedding, when plans will be made and parties held and cake eaten.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Congratulations Clint and Christine!
We all wish many happy years for you!


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