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A Real Housewife

on May 29, 2012

You probably have seen “The Real Housewives” series.
These women in different cities are “housewives” but there seems to be a couple of pre-requisites.
They must look beautiful and be filthy rich! They are also changing the world one drink at a time.
I don’t see them changing a diaper, taking the dogs out or running errands for their husband. I am sure they must do those things, just not on camera.

I happen to be a “real” housewife.
I wish just once they would show some of the day to day action as it really occurs.

Waking up to work out, not in a posh gym but in the basement with a flop sweat and no make up.

Running errands that aren’t glamorous lunch dates but going to the post office and hardware store.

Picking up fresh spinach and ground beef and other boring items at the “normal” grocery store after parking the Chevy Malibu in the over crowded parking lot.

Taking the dogs out to potty. Having to chase one through the neighbors yard.

Cleaning the toilets and dusting and doing laundry while singing along with the I-pod. Did I mention I can’t sing?

I don’t lead their glamorous life but I feel pretty fulfilled. I am pretty sure that most “real” housewives are as normal as I am. Ad in a child or two or three and you have a crazy day that I am sure most moms don’t even know what happened at the end of the day.
They would love to record their day just to see what they actually accomplished!

I have family and friends that I actually love and don’t yell at or get in cat fights with.

I keep busy with what I consider normal daily duties. Cooking and cleaning and organizing. No scheduled lunches with my friends that include heels and drinking. Looks like a turkey sandwich today.
Speaking of which…guess I should go get busy- laundry and cleaning here I come.


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