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Fruity For Fruit

on May 30, 2012


I absolutely love fresh fruit!
That is where my few healthy eating habits benefit me.
I grew up eating fruit without sugar or sweetener. Just raw fruit.

One year we had buckets and buckets of fresh strawberries in dad’s garden.
There were so many! We ate as we picked like we wouldn’t get any if we didn’t shove them in our mouths.
Our fingers stained red, we would be proud of our over full buckets.
Fresh from the garden strawberries.
I haven’t had a better strawberry since that summer.

This is where I learned about strawberry pancakes! A favorite of mine to this day.

On the dessert menu I often debate between chocolatey or fruity.
It is a tough choice.
I mean I am not saying that fruit desserts are good for you, but it does make me feel better about eating dessert.

Summer- welcome! Fresh fruit at its best! Mmm.
I can’t wait to devour watermelon and cantaloupe and berries and peaches and….


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