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A New Day

on May 31, 2012

I am proud today. Proud that I made myself walk even though I had a million excuses.
(I am too tired. It is wet. It may rain on me…)
Below are some photos I took today of “the greenway”-where I walk.


I took a little bit longer than my average walk.
Should I really be proud of myself?
Yes! My hip was hurting. I was sweating. I pushed myself to my limits today!


Today I couldn’t go any faster than I walked. I was able to really jet on the first half but slower on the back. I stopped several times to take photos.
All the while I was thinking, “man! My time!”
Still, I did pass a lady with an oxygen tank walking. Don’t laugh- she was moving pretty quick!

So I just want to share this not because I did something so great, but because I want you to not beat yourself up when you don’t do as well as you think you should.
Whether that means how “good” of a wife or dad or friend or cleaner or cook or bargain shopper (fill in the blank) you critique yourself on today.
Each day is new.
A new chance to do better. Another gift of making this day special in any way you see fit.

Sometimes it means getting over my own fears or laziness. I have to really talk myself into doing more and doing my best.
I don’t think I am alone in this.
So…I will try again tomorrow to make myself do better and try not to rate myself by one day.

After all I did pass a man who was really walking fast! Ok so he was an older man with a cane, but still…



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