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When I Look Into Your Eyes

on June 3, 2012

Today Brian and I celebrate 17 years together!
(20 since our first date)!


We met because I was dating his friend.
I may not have met him otherwise.
I broke up with his friend after a short time because there was no real connection.

Brian and I started flirting with each other (we still flirt with each other) and hung out often together with “the guys” and “the girls”.
We were young and carefree and hopelessly in love when we fell.
I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There is no greater feeling than being desired and admired and as if YOU are the only person the other can see.

We are each others first loves.
We have grown up together.
Our love story could be a best seller!
We have all the makings of a Nicholas Sparks book- boy meets girl, they are drawn together by this force of love, they get married and then there are problems and drama only to have their love become stronger and more solid.
The hidden secret is faith.

Faith in God first. That He has blessed our marriage and supports it!
We pray together which I believe is a secret weapon.
We are not alone in this and never will be.

Faith in each other.
We know that we love each other and want what is best for the other.
We want to surprise each other and make each other laugh.

It is not always easy, nothing good is.

It is lasting.
It is still romantic and full of surprises.
It is better now than at the beginning.
He makes my heart melt when he whispers sweet nothing’s, I get nervous when getting ready to go out on a date, and We love best to just hang out together.

I would say “yes” again and again.
And I love him…still and always.
Happy Anniversary Babe!
(you knew I would blog about this day, but how could I not?!)


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