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on June 8, 2012


Sometimes I am quick to make up my mind, normally when it involves something expensive.
Normally I want that one!
I don’t find out the price til after I fall in love.
Brian never wants to break my heart.
He will almost always say,
“Buy it. I want you to be happy.”
Very sweet.
Normally that is enough for me to walk away- knowing that I could have it if I really wanted.

But there are a few times when I remember saying “out with the logic”.
“It is fate that we met on this day.”

Recently I came to a quick decision.
We are going to be getting this fridge (yes a refrigerator) that I absolutely can’t imagine not having!
It’s so beautiful!
A true work of art.

The color is called “black pearl!”
Say that out loud.
Don’t you think it sounds exquisite?
French door style with a special drawer for party trays.
We were meant to be.
The decision was made the first time I laid eyes on it.
Brian hasn’t seen it yet, so….let’s hope he likes it.
Right now our fridge is making this horribly loud creaky motor sound that we can’t seem to stop from coming back. It leaks (even after trying to fix it).
And it’s old.
Parting with it will not be hard.

Now, Brian there was this car that I can just see me driving down the highway in, hair blowing, sunglasses on….


One response to “Indecisive

  1. Brian says:

    Whatever makes you happy my love!! 🙂

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