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Accomplishing The Fun Fit 5k Plus

on June 9, 2012


Today was our first “Fun Fit 5K Plus!”
Yolanda and I started at 5:30 a.m.
Blowing up balloons and putting up signs along the route.
We weren’t sure how many would come, but it didn’t matter.

Sometimes just setting a goal, such as hosting our own 5K, feels great to accomplish.

We completed 4 miles in an hour and had 3 other lovely ladies with us.
It was so much fun!

We had beautiful weather as we cheered each other on.

In the end we were sweaty and red faced but successful.


Melissa, my sister finished her 5K and went on to Pilates as her “plus.”


Kevin, her husband, ran his 5K.


We ended with a prayer and celebration cheers.
We said a prayer for all of you to find the motivation you need to accomplish your goal.
We let the balloons lift high our joy and thanks for the strength we had to complete our own challenges.
God Bless!





2 responses to “Accomplishing The Fun Fit 5k Plus

  1. Jeanne Livers says:

    I walked about 1.5 miles this morning starting at about 8:30 AM on the West Edgewood walkway. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! I think I can see an advantage in walking on a circular track: You don’t have to “turn around and go back,” seeing how far you have to go before you reach your destination. But on the other hand, when you turn around, you can see how far you’ve come, and have faith in your ability to make it back to your car! Be blessed!!! 😎

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