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The Fallon Frenzy

on June 12, 2012


Yes Coogee and Cooper, prepare yourselves.

My twin and her wonderful family are soon arriving from Australia.
The Fallon Tornado!
This often causes a lot of planning and movement.
Activities, parties, events, arranging cars and beds…

A month of cramming in all the hugs, book reading, eating, visiting and catching up doesn’t equal the year to two between visits.

We all (family and friends) must be ok with sharing our time with them as they try so hard to reach every person they miss in Sydney.

So as we grasp whatever time we can, we understand how brief a month really is.

We should be really good at dividing up time and “sharing” visits but we just all love them so much!
Each moment feels so quick.

So we brace ourselves for the whirlwind. It is full of what life is really about- love.
Prayers for their safe arrival!


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