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They Live!

on June 13, 2012


I always thought I had a black thumb.
Who knew I do have it in me to garden.
I mean it’s been a whole 8 weeks and my plants are still alive!

That picture is of our first flower on the “Rose of Sharon” bush.

My secret? Have your green thumb family members help plant!
My mom and dad basically did the majority of it, but they sweetly say I helped.
It was pouring rain and they were determined to just get it done.
We had to dig through layers of rock just to get to the soil.
We were head to toe mud by the time we finished.

Brian and I feel so great about our flowers and plants.
They add color and life and we can’t imagine not having them now!

So now the job is mine to keep them alive. Can’t say I am completely confident in my abilities.
I must say I did kill a cactus.
Well maybe my “plant whisperer” parents can come if there would be a crisis and spring them back to life.

For now I take complete joy in knowing that they have been my responsibility for 2 months and they are looking good!

Speaking of the plants, I better go water them.
Wouldn’t want to jinx myself!


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