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The Wilderness Walk

on June 22, 2012


Recently, my sister, two nieces and I decided to walk a local nature trail.
It started out great as two conservation workers were catching butterflies and we were able to observe and spot bright yellow ones and big black butterflies fluttering around.

We chose to walk the “Raccoon Run” strictly for its name, I think the girls hoped to spy a raccoon on the trail.

Through the woods you could hear the different birds calling to each other.
The dragonflies seemed to beckon us to chase them.
The wild flowers were in full bloom and fragrant as we walked past.

We were well into the walk when rounding a corner I noticed a man was just standing ahead of us. I realized he was watching an animal. We stopped and got really quiet as he told us he walked right past a deer.

Excitement was hard to contain for the girls. They just wanted to squeal and run to see, but we were able to remind them the deer would run away.

We tip-toed closer and closer. We were steps away when she moved further into the woods.
We stopped and sat on a bench, waiting to see if she would walk past us.

She then started calling to another deer.
It was at that moment I noticed Bambi.
So cute and tiny on the other side of the path. Blinking her big brown eyes at us.

We stayed still hoping the mom would cross to get to her baby.
As we sat, she started stamping her foot at us. (The universal mom code for “you better not hurt my baby.”)

We decided to leave as Bekki mentioned the mom probably could wait us out.

As we walked a little further we get closer to Bambi. She is about a foot off the trail and close enough to just miss touching her. She was adorable!

We stopped, of course , hoping to get a picture.
Right as my flash went off, I heard a low growl coming from the other side of the woods!
I quickly made everyone walk away.
We were between something and a baby deer.

I did not want to find out what it was!

We get back to the nature center and find that it’s bobcat mating season.

As we went to our next adventure of the day I was happy to reflect on how rare it is to be so close to a deer in their habitat. What a great experience for the girls.

Still, that was probably my last wilderness walk for a while.


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