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Roll With It

on June 23, 2012


Roller skating.
Is it a thing of the past?
A poster child for the 70’s?
Are skating parties a thing of yesteryear?

I hope not!
My sister and I had our own skates.
Hers were white with pink wheels and mine were white with orange wheels.
We loved roller skating!
The eighties had us in leg warmers and big hair frozen from a gallon of “Aquanet”.
We looked good as we flew around the rink performing our jumps (I mean we called them jumps) and quickly turning to skate backwards (I am sure it was beautiful!).

The nineties brought about rollerblades.
I could see myself knocking down every kid in my path if I put those on.
So, no rollerblades for me.

What a great family activity!
A place for all ages.
Everyone can laugh as their sister/brother falls only then to have the same courtesy returned.
The Limbo on skates? What better entertainment is there?!

I still have my white skates with their orange wheels.
(To not have to wear those ugly brown stinky skates, what a bonus!)
Maybe I will put them on again and see if I can still gracefully float around the rink. (Ok just to keep from falling will be great.)

Care to join me?


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