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5 Reasons You Should Nap Today

on June 24, 2012


1. Last night you stayed up late because it was Saturday night! Partying, playing, talking, watching something you regret today…
Why didn’t you just go to bed earlier?

2. You go out to swim, garden, play and it’s soooo hot. Immediately you are drained! It’s ok. Go take a nap.

3. Rest restores your body.
You need rest to rejuvenate and lose weight! The doctors are telling you to take a nap!

4. You have no other obligations.
What’s keeping you from your comfortable bed? Is that your pillow calling?

5. It’s a rule. Sunday is a “day of rest.”
God even took a rest on the 7th day.
He’s practically shouting, “Go rest!”

So don’t worry if something doesn’t get done today.
Give yourself permission to relax.
As for me…yawn, stretch… off I go.


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