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Confessions of a Lawn Queen

on June 28, 2012


I have a confession.

I am a lawn queen (to a small degree).

I love our riding lawn mower!

It’s an old green and yellow “John Deer.” Nothing fancy.

Nothing new. Although my husband did just get new tires put on it for me.

I feel somewhat odd because mowing the lawn is not a chore for me.

Now, if it was a conventional mower, forget it!

But the luxury of riding around, headphones on, and making the yard look beautiful is great!

There is this feeling of satisfaction as I see the taller sections of grass being sharply cut to perfection.

I believe a hairdresser must feel the same way as they shear the overgrown strands of their customers locks.

It involves almost all of the senses:

the sight of progress and beauty,

the smell of freshly cut grass,

the feel of the mower turning and moving as you drive along,

the sound of well…for me it’s my favorite songs, but the sound of the mower to some may be soothing,

and I hope taste is not involved because that could ruin the whole experience!

I must say, I am not perfect and don’t have that luscious lawn that should be on the cover of every home and garden magazine, but I am proud of my work.

Now, I will not make this my new profession or offer to cut your yard or anything crazy like that!

O.k. I did cut part of our neighbors yard…


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