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Dear St Louis Cardinals…

on July 1, 2012


Dear St Louis Cardinals,
We really love you!

My husband and I (lifetime fans!) knew it was going to be hot, but we went to the game anyway- because we enjoy watching you play!

It was a blistering 101 degrees at 1:15.
Blistering. We were there.
In the direct sun.
We love you that much.

We didn’t prepare as we should.
We didn’t bring personal misting fans as many near us had.
Boy those looked like an oasis in the desert!
As sweat beads ran down my back I thought a big glass of ice water dumped on my head would be refreshing.
How hot you must have been!!

We stayed as long as we could muster without heat stroke setting in.
We love you that much!
So it was an hour, but it felt like several!

We left sadly.
We wanted to stay.
We were with you in spirit and cheered you on from the air conditioned truck.
Ah how we can appreciate the air condition on a day like this.

We left. We couldn’t handle the whole game. But we love you.
So many others stayed to watch the game on this very hot last day of June.
We love you, but I guess they love you more.


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