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The Visit

on July 3, 2012


My great aunt lives out in a very remote area.
Full of woodlands, fields and wild flowers.
To get to her house you have to travel on gravel roads and through parts of the country that I am pretty sure not a lot of people have passed through.
There are rolling green pastures and long horn steer. Trucks are apparently the vehicle of choice.
The nearest town is just that- a town.
Needless to say- its way out there!

My aunt has a beautiful Victorian home with a walnut staircase that takes you up to an expansive collection of bears.
My nieces immediately fell in love.
Bears with suits and dresses and hats and shoes. Big and little. Promotional bears advertising jelly or sports.
Hundreds of fluffy, huggable teddies.

I hadn’t seen my aunt for probably 15 years so I was anticipating a good catch up session.

She is such a firecracker!!
Wonderfully inspiring, she stands up for what she believes in but in a way that is tactful.
You would do as she asks because she says it with authority.
You love her dearly because of her tender sweetness.
She would give you the coat off her back in an instant.

She told stories of our family that I hadn’t heard.
We soaked up the stories as if they could quench our thirst for family history.
We parted with hugs to fill us til next time.
A much shorter time in between was promised.
More love to look forward to.
What a wonderful visit.


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