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Freedom To Eat?

on July 4, 2012


I believe I know why Americans have such a problem with overeating, Fourth of July.

An internationally known and televised hot dog eating contest to start off festivities everywhere.

Gallons of ice cream consumed, probably by just one family!

Watermelon eating contests.
Pie eating contests.
BBQ. Chips. Potato salad!

At the Patriotic Parades there are funnel cakes covered in powdered sugar and a multitude of toppings.

The celebration is all about the food!!
Now fireworks are a big part of the evening, but it’s the food during the day.

I don’t know how food became the spokesperson for our independence but somehow it rises up every year to take center stage.

Now, I am not complaining.
I love all of the fantastic spreads and the joy of a satisfyingly sweet ice cream cone on our very hot holiday.
Watermelon juice dripping down your chin as take that first refreshing bite.
The char of BBQ hot dogs with mustard and relish (my choice of toppings).
Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

This Fourth of July, be careful out there.
Watch out for those tasty tantalizing calorie soaked treats.

Ah the freedom of food choices and celebrations.
My how we have grown.

Happy birthday America!


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