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To The Moon And Back

on July 9, 2012


There is nothing, I believe this whole heartily, better than when a child looks at you with love.
That look that says you mean so much to me.

That look that melts your heart.
It can be said with hugs and kisses.
It can be expressed by asking you to read stories over and over.
Sometimes it’s by telling you they don’t want you to go.
Or by the giggles and smiles shared privately with you.
Nicknames given.
Their small hand holding onto yours so tightly.

Stories told to you or questions asked.
Songs and dances and games played.
They look up to you as if you are their world.
One day that look will change and the innocence gone, they will no longer come to you for answers.

I breathe in the beauty of childhood love.
That love that is closest to Gods pure love for us.
This kind of love sends me to the moon and back.


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