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Renewed Goals

on July 10, 2012


There is a great article my sister gave me on possible reasons you just aren’t losing weight.
I don’t know what magazine or newspaper it was clipped from so I can’t recommend it, but I will share the gist of it.

Michelle Bridges, personal trainer and health guru, briefly stated the three main reasons you may be stuck in a holding pattern with your weight.

“1. Your portions are too big.”

Aww, man! Self control is an issue for me when I love the taste of a food item.
For instance, ice cream. One scoop will not do the trick.
I know the rations for mashed potatoes is not really a bowl full, but my brain says it will crumble if I don’t have one more bite and then another… Til I practically lick the bottom of the bowl.

I realize I need to tell myself to stop and then actually stop.
So, new goal number one- eat only appropriate portions.

“2. You’re not an intentional eater.”
She goes on to say, “in our house we have a rule that no one is allowed to eat unless they are seated at the table.
Intentional eating is where you (a) think about what you are going to eat; (b) buy it; (c) prepare it; (d) cook it ; and (e) eat it.”

That sounds so logical and I do try to follow this rule, but have you ever suddenly found yourself eating out of the Doritos bag while watching your favorite show?

Now I don’t just pig out regularly but some days you just have to have that salty, sweet or both snack.

I will say I love the rule to only eat at the table.
My husband and I have been doing this for dinner and it’s great!
We enjoy talking about life
Planning meals for the table insures time guaranteed for each other besides the true health benefits of preparing healthy meals.

New goal number 2- buy only healthy meals to prepare and “intentionally eat.”

“3. You’re getting older.”

That sneaky bum metabolism!!!
You know what that means!
Working out.

I need to get back into my workout groove.
I love a good yoga DVD or my sister’s fave is “Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.”

When I get into the habits and patterns, I feel young and alive!

So back at it I go, with a renewed confidence and goal.
Goal number three- back I go to our home “gym”/basement.

Next week I will begin a new regimen.
5 workouts (or more) per week.
I think I will alter my DVD’s to keep it interesting.
I am giving myself 90 days to whip myself into a better me.
(July 17 – October 9)

I am not saying I will be perfectly sculpted but who knows I may surprise myself.

Updates to come…


4 responses to “Renewed Goals

  1. scoops2 says:

    Good Luck!

  2. yomicfit says:

    Today I begin!

  3. Thanks for this post. I lost 80 pounds in 2007, and now that I’m 48, the weight is slowly creeping back. I realize that I am falling back into old eating patterns, and am just re-starting my weight loss again this weekend. Thanks!

    • yomicfit says:

      Thank you for visiting the site!
      Hopefully it helps encourage you to keep going!
      I must say I found your blog and admire you greatly for your work in Afghanistan!
      Proud you represent us on a different level and thank you for sharing!!

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