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But I Feed You!

on July 11, 2012

My dogs, waiting for my twin to return from a run.

I think my dogs have abandoned the idea they are “mine.”
Apparently they belong to my twin and her family now.

They prefer to sit with them in chairs.
Cuddle with them in the car.
Follow them around the house.
And wait for them at the door-
when I am home.

Ok so the kids I understand.
Their hands dangle with food, so that a sneaky grab of a snack is right around every bend.
They are closer to their level and never tire of rubbing my dogs’ bellies or playing fetch.

But my twin is not a dog lover.
She likes cats.
Maybe they are trying to convert her.
They tend to be a little needy, insisting that everyone realize how great they are.

When the family (unfortunately ) returns home this Saturday,
I am pretty sure I will not be missing them alone.

Brian may come home to the three of us, sadly looking out the window.
Waiting for the next visit.


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