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The Inspirational Blog Award

on July 11, 2012

I have been nominated to receive “a Very Inspiring Blog Award” by
O. W. Prince Ministries.

You can check out his blog at:
“Life Hurts but God Heals!”

I would just say that everyone can inspire others through the wisdom God gives to us.
When taking courage to share any words with others we must always be careful because you can never put them back in once they are out.
I am no more deserving of this than any of you.
But I appreciate the sentiment.

I have been asked to list seven things about myself, so…

-I am a fraternal twin and can’t imagine life otherwise
-I am married to my high school sweetheart (awww)
-We have the most adorable shihtzu’s
(I may be biased, but they are so cute!)
-I often have 2-3 books I am reading at the same time
-I love taking pictures of food and architecture
-I connect with all things Italian, as if it is in my blood-though it’s not to my knowledge
-my faith has carried me through good and bad. I realize the importance in thanking God for everything in all seasons of life.

God is great, all the time!


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