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The Loud Silence

on July 16, 2012

The absence of sound.


Most of the time referred to as:
“calm, peaceful, still.”
All positive takes on the word that often scares me.

I feel quiet is really the absence of life .
We have come home to the lack of children’s giggles, stories, games, songs, sports and dancing.
This silence comes after the constant companion family life reverberated throughout our walls the past month.

My husband and I happily come home to our warm nest
We love our time together.
We are a team. A couple.
A well grooved relationship.
We make our own sounds and noises.

Still…the quiet right now is full of the loud, messy kind.
The kind that shouts, “they are no longer here!”

We miss our loved ones who brought that bright music we often call noise back with them to Australia.
It was a prism in our full life that brought a new sparkle.

We will go back to our clicks and clacks and babbles of our habits and schedules and activities.
And it will seem as if it was so long ago that we last felt them in our arms.

And it will feel “normal”.
Yet…we will always notice the absence of their sounds.
The quiet that replaced their song.


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