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A Fresh New Day

on July 17, 2012


Today is day one.
Day one of my new fitness goals.
I am giving myself til mid-October to be a healthier and more fit me.

I went shopping early this morning to improve chances of success with a pantry of nutrition and have just finished a workout.
Now, I am not saying it was my best but I worked out hard.
Sweat and all.

I started with a dance video knowing I needed something more fun for my beginning.
Something to set the tone.

The goal is ultimate, long lasting health.
As I was walking through the grocery aisles full off sweets,or salty food and honestly delicious temptations, I knew I could walk away.
They weren’t calling out to me.

I was calling out to the vegetables.
“Help me. I want to like some of you veggies more, but you know you make it hard.”

I am reading “Naturally Thin” by Bethenny Frankel for a little guidance and wisdom.
She says, “Eat what you like but balance it.”
I agree and know that a couple bites of ice cream should quiet the nagging voice of cravings.
I need to take my self control back.

So I consider it pretty successful today, although I need to drink more water and eat more meals (but smaller ones instead of fewer large meals).

Logically I know what to do.
Mentally I have to prepare myself.
I started before I even got out of bed.
I said, “God before I put a foot on the floor, please give me the strength I need. Help me do this.”
It was a reminder that I am choosing to be healthier and that I am not alone.

Day one:
Pretty good.
Can do better.
Will do better.
It has begun.

More to come.
I am sure struggles and failings as much as the achievements but I am hopeful.

Good luck to any of you out there joining me!
You are not alone.
Today is day one.
One step at a time.
A fresh, new day.


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