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Words Do Inspire Others

on July 18, 2012


I am amazed at how many people out there are constantly struggling to lose weight.

I am excited to share my journey with you because you are in it with me!

You are not alone in this!

My husband and I both are working at this whole weight and health issue.
We love to see each other succeed.
It is great when we share a yoga workout together.
We can encourage one another, but not everyone has that.

So let me be that for you.

Here I am, late 30-something, and fighting my way through The muddle in my mind, when I find inspiration through other bloggers sharing their stories or wishing me luck.

I hope I can share your stories with my husband too.
We can all use more daily inspiration.

How great that God brought you to me and me to you and us to Him.

So I am going to pass along some other blog sites that have inspired me in some way.
I hope you will go check them out.

There are so many sites I have visited and follow and can’t wait to read the next blog.
These are just a few.

Check out this blog site.
She would love to have few more readers and supporters!

Also inspirational:


One response to “Words Do Inspire Others

  1. SAMANTHA says:

    Great post! Words DO work wonders! 🙂

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