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Dancing Day 3

on July 19, 2012


So today I wanted to dance!
Do something fun since I was hesitant to working out.
My mind was telling my body,
“Just go back to bed.
You were so comfy!
It’s actually cloudy and you know what that means!
Cave it!”

Well I fought the morning fog and ate some corn bran cereal.
I prepared for my workout with as much zest as you would expect from “Droopy” (please tell me you know this childhood love able cartoon dog).

I pull out the wide variety of videos and screaming at me is “Hip Hop Abs” by Yoga Booty Ballet.

This is one of my favorite videos.
It’s about 35 minutes and high cardio.
But there is a bonus ab workout at the end.

The leaders I love.
Ti and Gillian are not too enthusiastic that you feel it’s forced.
They are fun but real and invite you to join their party!

I have done this many times so I know the moves but I believe it’s pretty easy to catch on – thanks to repetition.

The ab workout is great!!
You definitely work the abs.

Loved it!


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