Fun Fit 5K Plus

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on July 22, 2012



There is a moment when you realize you aren’t as innocent as you once were.

Like the flag which started out bright and bold, waving proud for all to see, you too were relatively wrinkle free.

Young and fresh and full of color.
Nothing could stop you.
Determined and driven and happy.
Youth was on your side.

Suddenly you look at your aging hands and hear your creaking knees.
Battered by the winds of life.
You survive storms and gusts that you were sure would break you.

What happened to the sharpness of your life?

Tears have been repaired.
Yet you will never be the same.

Forever you are weathered.

A badge of honor,
The years leave you wise and distinguished.
Yet their presence comes with the darkness of loss.

You have grown a more compassionate being and while lack of innocence equals moments of pain,
these experiences are forever imprinted in your soul.
God’s love picking up the heaviness left behind.

You are weathered and worn.
To some this may be negative.

They actually feel sorry for you.

You smile at this.
There are lessons, they too will learn.

They will become weathered.

There is a beauty in that old flag.
The life that was lived was worth every fading stripe.


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