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Week Two Begins

on July 25, 2012


It’s been a week since I started my new health quest.
I got on the scale and was 2 pounds down!
I was happy but still I know how quickly those pounds can come back.

I have been battling with my mind to make healthy food choices.
And nutrition is winning!
I must be maturing.

I must say its not easy some days!
That store aisle that has everything over 500 Calories or more per serving is like a magnet.
I wonder what people think as they walk past this woman just staring down the row of treats.
A look of sadness and torment on my face.

It’s not just the food.
It’s Starbucks too!
My favorite summer drink, the mocha coconut frap, is here and it would be crazy to drink the venti I so desperately want.
410 calories in a grande.
But look at it!


So I haven’t caved because even a “skinny” one would be equal to one meal, but I may splurge on one once a month.
I don’t think it’s healthy to deprive yourself completely.
Personally I know that’s when problems occur.

It has not been an easy motivational week, but I must say that I have pushed through my lazy ways and work out when I don’t feel like it.
Then I feel ready to tackle other projects!
My body on a natural high of endorphins.

So keep going if you just don’t feel the energy or will.
You can do it!!

As for me, well off to do another workout with Jillian!


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