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Looking Up

on July 26, 2012


When you are a small child, everything is above you.

The trees, the houses and buildings, parents and relatives, tables and sinks, shelves with baskets of toys or books, cups, milk…

You can’t help but look up.

To make eye contact you must look up.

It is no big deal, but just the way it is.

Isn’t it funny how these children, whom we are always looking down upon,

tend to be happy and optimistic and carefree?

They are content and trusting and they are the ones always looking up?

When I lower myself to the floor to play with my niece or nephew, I immediately feel a connection to being young.

There is an innocence and contentedness that follows me to the floor.

I too look up to speak with the other adults in the room.

I notice the humbleness present in this action and yet an instant gratification.

How often do I feel more free, more relaxed or more “quiet” when I watch the clouds or study the highest branches of hundred year old trees?

How in awe am I when I look at the shiny, slick skyscrapers reflecting the bright day in the countless mirrored windows?

When looking up, I realize how small I still am.

I am not in control of anything that is above me.

The moon and stars and planets and sun, all surrounding us from beyond the reach of a ladder.

All that lies above our head as we sleep and eat and work and pray,

all of that has inspired the greatest writers, poets, musicians, playwrights, artists, photographers, scientists, journalists…

I must remember that just because I am an adult and don’t have to look up for most of what I need,

I should always look up for my inspiration and and humbleness and awe.

What do you see when you look up?


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