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Sweet Potato Fries

on July 27, 2012


My husband loves sweet potato fries.
They are a healthier alternative than regular fries so I don’t mind making them.

I cut mine into strips but wedges would work too.
Sprinkle a little (very little) olive oil on them and mix them together with your hands.
(Not my favorite part)
Then I sprinkle a little “Natures Seasoning” on them.

This seasoning I learned about from Susan Powter and use it in and on so much!!!
Love it!!
(Check out her cook book “C’mon America, Let’s Eat!)

Put them in the oven between 375 and 425, depending in your oven.
My oven tends to run hot and is electric.
You may start lower (375) and just check on them after 15 minutes.
20-25 minutes and I am pulling them out of the oven.

I must stress don’t use a lot of olive oil.
Just a tiny bit will cover them once mixed.
I learned the hard way with soggy fries once.

I know many people make these so if you have variations or other ways to improve these, I would love to hear!!


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