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Home Gym Vs Public Gym

on July 28, 2012

Home Gym on HGTV website

Today I felt so great about working out at home so …
Here are a list of reasons I like my home “gym ” (I mean it’s really our basement or bedroom that I work out in).

-No driving anywhere!
And on some days that would definitely be a deciding factor.
No fighting the weather and traffic.
Besides I would probably talk myself out of it by the time I got there.

-The amazing amount of workout DVDs we have and that are available.
You can dance or lift weights or have a cardio or Ab day.
We have spent some time and money on investing in different programs (Yoga Booty Ballet, P-90X, Insanity…)
Plus equipment.
Honestly I was not completely loving that idea, but babe you were right (uh that hurt). These have been a wise investment.

-No one staring at me as I walk my fat body from machine to machine.
No one to compete with for next dibs on the treadmill.
No one around me as I struggle to do my best or hear me grunt or distracting me from my goal.

-It doesn’t matter that I don’t look great in my work out clothes!
I have some work to do before spandex clings to my body in a good way.

-I can do workouts with my hubby!:)
Several years ago we successfully completed P-90X together.
Saturday we did yoga together.
We loved it!
It was motivating and a great couple activity.
I must say it was kind of sexy too.
(I was in better shape then.)

-And finally the showers!
Need I mention the must for flip flops in a gym shower.
Or uncomfortable moments in the locker room?

I know that many, many people love the public gym.
But I think I prefer my personal gym.

I will say if you invest in a gym, you may want to take the extra steps and get a personal trainer.
This would be the only thing motivating me to keep going.
My friend has one and I have seen the amazing accomplishments they can help you achieve.
But then you have an added cost, still…

If you want to invest in some DVD’s for your home gym and equipment, know it is pricey but worth it.
Plus you don’t have to pay that monthly fee.

Where do you like to workout?


2 responses to “Home Gym Vs Public Gym

  1. Maarten K. says:

    Loved your blog. I have a similair blog about sensitive people who avoid public gyms! If you want to you can check my blog and comment it.

    • yomicfit says:

      Thank you ! I loved your post! I will be posting more on my fitness findings. As a “normal” weight struggler, I feel it so important to share with others so they don’t feel alone. I look forward to reading more from you.

      Sincerely, Michelle

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