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A Soggy Mess


It’s Friday.
A very soggy, and messy Friday.

Let me just say,
I am so grateful for the rain that our area has been longing for during the past several months of drought and heat!

Quenching the parched earth’s
thirst at last.

But for me…
today would be a great day to just cuddle up on the sofa while catching up on my favorite shows.

My husband and I are a soggy mess.
Our hair dripping,
Jeans dragging,
Shoes soaking.

We are wet!

Poor Brian had patio furniture to carry down the hill and up the steps and then
clip it all together.
All the while rain crashed down as if buckets were being overturned.
He was drenched!

I had boxes to unload and cut and drop into the recycling bin. (Twice)
I stepped in puddles that drowned my once yellow shoes.
Dragging water logged boxes from truck to container as the rain poured down, making sure every inch of me was covered.

Getting gas was fun
as a gust of wind sprayed gasoline everywhere!
I narrowly escaped a mouthful.

Taking the dogs out has been an adventure as I try to lure them into the muddy space that was once our yard.
They look at the rain from the porch and sit down,
as if to say “nice day but no way am I going out there!”
Finally they decide to run quickly to their spot and do their job so they can hurry back in.


We still accomplished our tasks on the wettest of days.
Through wind and rain.
Puddles and more puddles.
Wet clothes and all.

That makes it feel just a little more rewarding.
That we did what we needed to do
-soggy mess and all.


Fall Feelings


I think I changed.
I think I am one of “those” people.

An “early decorator” that jumped at the first sign of fall in the shops.
After spending time with my sister-in-law, Sheena, going through the craft stores filled with bright oranges and yellows, browns and reds,
I believe I bought into “it.”

“It” being the belief that fall was here.
The story that your house is not a home without some leaves and acorns and pumpkins.

In my mind, by the time I arrived home,
It was fall.

I pulled out the swags and pumpkins and wreathes and candles that lay waiting in the storage room.
Our home is always bathed in beautiful colors that reflect the warmth of autumn, so a few
strategically placed arrangements add such coziness!
(I mean of course there is some in every room!)


I was once again in love with fall.
Goodbye hot and dry summer!

Hello crisp air brushing against my cheeks as my husband and I drink coffee on our deck.
Welcome back sweaters that feel like you’ve snuggled into you’re favorite blanket.
(Never mind that none of this has happened yet this year.)

The decor had already swept me away into my own little fantasy world.

Imagine my surprise to hear,
“You’ve already decorated?”
My reaction,
“Well…yeah. It is the end of August.
It’s practically September!”

After the first person questioned my
Apparent hasty actions,
I heard from another and another.

we love fall.
It’s our color palate!
Our whole house just fits right into the season!

Please tell me I am not alone in jumping the gun!

I confess.
I am one that normally complains that Christmas is present everywhere
By October.

So I caught myself in a weird moment today as my mom and I explored Target,
“Why don’t they have fall and Halloween decorations up yet?”

I am saying this?

It happened somewhere between
Hobby Lobby and Michaels in Kansas with Sheena.
The moment I first caught the fall fever.
The moment I became “one of them!”

Will I forever be converted to celebrating seasons way too soon?

Tune in to find out.
(If I tell you my house is decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving,
It has happened.)


Son Shines Down


Son shines down
To reach Into The Shadows
The shadows that choke me

I gasp for air
Light reaches my soul
Breathe in the relief
Leaving peace
Deep within

Dancing joy
Tears flood the floor
Matching the movement of my feet

Sweet Son
Heavenly Father
Gift beyond my every worldly desire
Eternal Light

Son Shines Down
A lovely light

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Prayer For Daughters

The following is called
“A Prayer For Daughters”
By Ann Voskamp.
(Author of “One Thousand Gifts”)

Father who breathed into this daughter…

I pray for this girl being formed into eternity….

May the wind always be in her hair

May the sky always be wide with hope above her

And may all the hills be an exhilaration

the trials but a trail,

all the stones but stairs to God.

God, clothe this girl in a gown of grace
Grace, the only dress that makes beautiful,
the style of Your spirit.

Nourish her on the comfort food of the Word,
Word, that makes her crave more of Christ,
have hunger pangs for Him.

Enclose her in communion with You
You, Love who makes her love, who folds her heart into a roof
that absorbs storms for souls,
that makes her tongue speak only the words that make souls stronger.

May her vocation in this world simply be translation

Translating every enemy into esteemed guest
Translating every countenance into the face of Christ
Translating every burden into blessing

When it’s hard to be patient… make her willing to suffer
When it’s ridiculous to be thankful … make her see all is grace
When it’s radical to forgive … make her live the foundation of our faith
And when it’s time to work… make her a holy wonder.

May she be bread and feed many with her life and her laughter
May she be thread and mend brokeness and knit hearts
May she be dead to all ladders & never go higher , only lower, to the lonely, the least & the longing
Her led of the Spirit to lead many to the Cross
that leads to the tomb wildly empty.

Oh, and raise me, Lord, from the deadness of my own sins to love this beautiful girl like You do…

In the name of Christ who rose

and appeared first

to one of His daughters…




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Another Honest Look At A Book


I have completed “One Thousand Gifts”
By Ann Voskamp with a sense of sadness.

I feel as if I need more.
More poetic verses that at times seem in tune with my very soul.

This nonfiction work is original and emotional and personal.

Ann weaves scripture into her life story as if it were the very thread holding her world together.

Her voice is honest.
So much so that I felt her pain and doubts she expressed
echoed every man, woman and child in their own quiet thoughts.

How many people are brave enough to share their true journey-
Grit and dirt and grime
Along with the beauty and wonder and awe?

Her walk towards a life of joy
starts with pain.
In the moment that she starts seeking more,
She is challenged to write one thousand things she thanks God for.

This gesture brings her to places in her own heart and home that
Connects her with the true meaning of love and joy and light.

“The moon climbs,
a radiating disk gliding,
Shimmering space rock that slides on invisible gossamer,
and behind me,
somewhere in the thickening dusk,
children call,
running across fields.
“Mama? Mama!”
And they find me and laugh that I’ve
chased the moon and I laugh that I have too.
How I laugh and it feels so right.”
(page 120)

This is not a self -help book,
But I couldn’t help but find parts of myself that wanted to be better because of words expressed.
Thoughts connecting me to true joy.

I really want to pick it up and start all over again.

Another great book!



Chugging Along


I am well into my health and fitness goals.
I started July 17th.

But…last week I had a bit of an off week.

Ok let me be brutally honest with you-
No work outs last week.
And some really poor
(if not horribly Delicious)
food choices.

My excuses:
I didn’t feel great,
I had an emotional week,
I was too tired,
I went out of town…
(And on and on)

I find myself rewarding and comforting myself with treats.
Not good.
I need to review my “Made To Crave” videos.
Remind myself of what I know.
I am made for more than this!

I am determined not to quit!

Today is a new day.
I can keep chugging along.
It will be great to reach an end goal of looking and feeling fit.

I refuse to beat myself up over having a bit of a lapse.

I am living renewed with healthier food choices.
I worked out on our elliptical
(after dusting it off) and later walked with my mom about a mile and a half.

My goal this week is to get my healthy habits going again!
I need to find my rhythm.
Get into the groove.
Jump back up and shake it off!

“I can do all things through
Him who gives me strength.”
-Philippians 4:13

No worries.
I am back!

One day, one step, one choice at a time.

I can do it.


Reach The Summit


A mountain lay before me
Majestic and wonder-filled

I must reach the summit
See beauty from above
The ultimate goal is at the peak
Just beyond my grasp

Climb, breathe
Breathe, climb
Keep going
Stumble, get up
One step at a time

I am not alone
I feel the wind
Pushing me forward

Motivation calling
It’s just there
Around the next bend
Beyond reach today
But tomorrow …

So I keep getting up
Brushing off the dust and dirt
Putting my shoes on
Getting down to work

It’s hard work
But the summit
It’s just right there

I will reach the summit
See beauty from the pain
The work paying off
The fight gives way to reward

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Ruff Night


This morning Cooper, our dog,
growled (not threatening, just disgruntled)
at me when I mentioned we needed to get up and go outside.

You read that correctly.
I realize there is So much wrong with that!

He is not a morning dog.
He was cuddled deep in the blankets and made no attempt to move.

Our other dog, Coogee, is a morning dog and immediately And gracefully bounded to the floor.

I had to physically pick up the robust furry blob that,
like me most days,
Just wanted to sleep in!

We have a schedule to keep, though.
Morning walk coming up.


That’s Coogee.
Walking her toy.

Now I do know that any psychologist
(ok any person)
would take one look at me with the dogs and say I am fulfilling a “mommy” role.

To them I say, “You are right.”

I have a need to nurture.
It is built in me.
I believe this to be the most beautiful part of a woman ,
I come with the urge to cuddle and baby and take care of.

Right now, we don’t have kids so
The dogs do fill a small part of that requirement my body insists on.

When we do have kids,
I also realize I will be one of those moms that everyone whispers about.

“Wow! She really spoils those children!”
“She does not need to give them everything they ask for.”


But one little pouty face
(even from my husband),
And I turn to jello!

Caesar (The Dog Whisperer) and The Supernanny
May have to team up and whip me into shape!

Well, I better go.
Coogee and Cooper need their play time.



More Bread (Part 3- Conclusion)

“Bun in the oven.”
Another reference to bread,
except in reference to the gift of life
within the womb.

Three miracles.
I have known three miracles.
Three “buns in the oven.”
Only briefly.
Only until God adopted them into His arms.
Their life with us only weeks.

One year.
Our last miracle gone from my womb.
Another gift we will have to wait to meet.

Still I am thankful.
God is good in this too.
He provides me nourishment.

His bread of life fills the empty space where our children reside in my heart.
The arms I have never felt wrap around me.
The hair I will not brush.
The tears I will not wipe away.
The laughter I will not hear.

The gift I have not been able to bring my husband.

The sadness I allow today.
Another anniversary.
Our daughter’s heavenly birthday.

More bread please.
More patience.
More hope.
More life.

“I am the bread of life.
You who come to me shall not hunger.”

I will not hunger.
Bread come down from above.
The manna is always in front of me.

I give thanks even though sometimes I don’t know how.
I know that God is in the sadness.
I know that life is a gift.
Bread from above.

And He will raise me up on the last day.
And I will be nourished in a new way.
And I will meet the miracles He allowed.

“He humbled you,
causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna,
which neither you nor your fathers had known,
to teach you that man does not live on bread alone
but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.”
(Deuteronomy 8:3)

I am humbled.
I am not in control.
And I need His bread and His word and His comfort.
And He provides.

Bread from above.

More bread please.

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More Bread (Part 2)


Matthew 14:19
“And he directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people.”

He gave thanks.
Thanks before the miracle.

Loaves of bread,
Provisions again from above.

The disciples must have been feeling how any of us would.
Stressed, fearful, worried…
Tons of hungry, anticipating eyes
Following their every move

How can we feed all of these people ?
But there simply isn’t enough!
What if they get angry?
What are we going to do?

How often do I feel like that?

What can I do to fix a situation that is out of my control?
How am I ever going to get through this?
Worry, worry, worry.

As a Christian,
my trust in the Lord should have me on my knees,
Thanking Him
before the miracle.

On my very best days I can do this.

But often,
When I first experience an unknown
What is my reaction?


Bread of Life.
Provider of all I need.

I want more.
More bread please.
More trust.
More faith.

I must surrender my fears and worries.
I must give thanks.

I will experience the miracle.

I have experienced many.

More to come…

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