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The Power Of Thought

on August 1, 2012


I am in the midst of week three of my fitness goals.
Not a huge amount of weight loss to date but I do feel stronger.

This is a pivotal week.
Three weeks of doing something consistent can create a habit.
(Good or bad.)
But I also feel this is when I am more likely to cave in to weak tendencies- like not wanting to work out or eating junk food in large quantities.

My thoughts are powerful.
I can quickly change them if I catch myself.
“But I am tired!”
“But I haven’t had a good Starbucks Frap for so long!”
“But I have been working so hard!”

Lisa Terkuerst says, “You are worth more!”

Plus she says the most motivating quote,
“Replace the words ‘I have to’ with ‘I am able to.'”

Jillian says, “Fight! Don’t give up. This is when it really counts. When it hurts. ”

I am encouraged by these words.
I will watch my “Made To Crave” video to inspire me further.
I know this is a turning point.
The point in which I put my health before my every desire and whim.

To all of you out there desperately wanting to lose weight but struggling,
start with your thoughts.

Change what you think and say.

You are able to do this!

I am able to do this!

We can do this!


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