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Watermelon Salad Part 2

on August 2, 2012


So this picture is a horrible look at my version of the watermelon salad I wrote about last week.

One big error- I forgot the mint!

Now I must say that I am glad I tried it for just myself first because I didn’t subject anyone else to it!

The watermelon was the sweetest, freshest one I have had all summer.
Delicious by itself.

I grilled it on my stove top grill pan and then added all but the missing mint.
(Feta cheese, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea salt and pepper)

So…I created a personal size since it was a trial.
(I was not about to possibly ruin all of my good melon.)

I didn’t really measure it all out as I was lacking patience for that and felt I could just sprinkle everything here and there.

The good-
The textures of the feta and melon really work well together.
The vinegar would compliment the sweetness well, but I put too much on. Oops.

The bad-
I am not sure, but it may be better cold and not grilled.
No mint. I think that would have been fantastic.

Plus I think maybe a little banana would add a little something.

Definitely try it out if you are adventuresome.

I am no chef by any means and I believe this recipe could still be very yummy.
(Maybe if someone else made it…)


3 responses to “Watermelon Salad Part 2

  1. ctminnesota says:

    Oh, disappointing! I’m glad you didn’t ruin that entire beautiful watermelon with this 1 recipe!! I was wondering about the grilled watermelon thing. It seems to be a fruit that just wants to be eaten cold (or room temp at best). Maybe if you just didn’t grill it? And I do think the mint would make a different in the flavor.

    Here is a really similar salad from Paula Deen – cold & no grilling. Maybe worth another shot???

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