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More Bread (Part 1)

on August 13, 2012


I wrote about it in an earlier blog.
Not just a food choice for me.

I have long felt it was woven through the very fibers of who I am.
My heritage.
I could live on just bread.
How funny that those very words could be said so differently by me today.

This past weekend, as I continued my reading of “one thousand gifts” by Ann Voskamp, bread entered the dialogue.

I have been drawn deeper and deeper into her story, her voice.

This chapter brought what I consider heavenly food in a physical and worldly way to a different perspective.
She spoke on how bread is throughout the scriptures mentioned as source of life and Gods goodness.
Scattered throughout the Bible.
Source of life.

I was captured by her words as I could see how I had done as the slaves freed from Egypt and given manna (bread from heaven!!) and yet they complained.

Me, “but I just want…”
Me, “oh please God! Just one more request…”

God wanted me to not just read these words and move on.

I can say this with certainty Because
On Sunday morning,
As I tiredly prepared for Church,
A song popped into my head.

“I am the Bread of life,
You who come to me shall not hunger; and who believe in me shall not thirst. No one can come to me
unless the Father beckons.
The bread that I will give
is my flesh for the life of the world, and if you eat of this bread,
you shall live for ever,
you shall live for ever
And I will raise you up, And I will raise you up, And I will raise you up on the last day.”

It would not leave me.
It kept ringing through my teeth brushing, drying of my hair, putting make up on…
…”you who come to me shall not hunger…”

My eyes were opened as I connected to what I read,
And I knew He was sharing this with me and that I would hear it that day.
I knew.

And lo and behold,
What do you think the readings were on?

John 6:41-51
I Am the Bread of Life.

(I hope you take some time to look it up and read it. )

When I realized,
I was in awe.
God really wants me to understand this.
I wanted to pause the reading and tell my husband what had transpired earlier that morning
because to me,
I had known yet was amazed at how He was trying to reach me.

I had tears streaming down my face as I listened and reflected on each word.

He is all I need.
He is all we need.
Over and over, Jesus says it.
“I Am the bread of life.”

Shall not hunger.
Raise up.

There is so much He speaks directly to me through these words.
Simple words.
Words I can understand and reflect on.
Words that nourish my soul.

I know there is so much more to learn and this is my lesson right now.

I hope you take some time to read this scripture.

What is God sharing personally with you ?

More to come…


4 responses to “More Bread (Part 1)

  1. I hope this means I can eat more bread! Warm – fresh from the oven. With butter! And jam!
    What do you think?

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