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Another Honest Look At A Book

on August 23, 2012


I have completed “One Thousand Gifts”
By Ann Voskamp with a sense of sadness.

I feel as if I need more.
More poetic verses that at times seem in tune with my very soul.

This nonfiction work is original and emotional and personal.

Ann weaves scripture into her life story as if it were the very thread holding her world together.

Her voice is honest.
So much so that I felt her pain and doubts she expressed
echoed every man, woman and child in their own quiet thoughts.

How many people are brave enough to share their true journey-
Grit and dirt and grime
Along with the beauty and wonder and awe?

Her walk towards a life of joy
starts with pain.
In the moment that she starts seeking more,
She is challenged to write one thousand things she thanks God for.

This gesture brings her to places in her own heart and home that
Connects her with the true meaning of love and joy and light.

“The moon climbs,
a radiating disk gliding,
Shimmering space rock that slides on invisible gossamer,
and behind me,
somewhere in the thickening dusk,
children call,
running across fields.
“Mama? Mama!”
And they find me and laugh that I’ve
chased the moon and I laugh that I have too.
How I laugh and it feels so right.”
(page 120)

This is not a self -help book,
But I couldn’t help but find parts of myself that wanted to be better because of words expressed.
Thoughts connecting me to true joy.

I really want to pick it up and start all over again.

Another great book!



2 responses to “Another Honest Look At A Book

  1. Thank you for visiting and following the O.W. Prince Ministries Web Blog. I pray that your experience is enlightening, empowering and thoroughly enjoyable.
    Thank You Again For Visiting and Keep Looking Up!

    O.W. Prince

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