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Fall Feelings

on August 30, 2012


I think I changed.
I think I am one of “those” people.

An “early decorator” that jumped at the first sign of fall in the shops.
After spending time with my sister-in-law, Sheena, going through the craft stores filled with bright oranges and yellows, browns and reds,
I believe I bought into “it.”

“It” being the belief that fall was here.
The story that your house is not a home without some leaves and acorns and pumpkins.

In my mind, by the time I arrived home,
It was fall.

I pulled out the swags and pumpkins and wreathes and candles that lay waiting in the storage room.
Our home is always bathed in beautiful colors that reflect the warmth of autumn, so a few
strategically placed arrangements add such coziness!
(I mean of course there is some in every room!)


I was once again in love with fall.
Goodbye hot and dry summer!

Hello crisp air brushing against my cheeks as my husband and I drink coffee on our deck.
Welcome back sweaters that feel like you’ve snuggled into you’re favorite blanket.
(Never mind that none of this has happened yet this year.)

The decor had already swept me away into my own little fantasy world.

Imagine my surprise to hear,
“You’ve already decorated?”
My reaction,
“Well…yeah. It is the end of August.
It’s practically September!”

After the first person questioned my
Apparent hasty actions,
I heard from another and another.

we love fall.
It’s our color palate!
Our whole house just fits right into the season!

Please tell me I am not alone in jumping the gun!

I confess.
I am one that normally complains that Christmas is present everywhere
By October.

So I caught myself in a weird moment today as my mom and I explored Target,
“Why don’t they have fall and Halloween decorations up yet?”

I am saying this?

It happened somewhere between
Hobby Lobby and Michaels in Kansas with Sheena.
The moment I first caught the fall fever.
The moment I became “one of them!”

Will I forever be converted to celebrating seasons way too soon?

Tune in to find out.
(If I tell you my house is decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving,
It has happened.)


9 responses to “Fall Feelings

  1. liamodell1 says:

    Thanks for following my blog! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    I was deceived by the weather too. I don’t have decorations, but I prematurely unpacked my chunky cableknit sweaters and crocheted a fluffy scarf to wear only to find that it was too warm to wear. It was terribly disappointing.

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