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A Soggy Mess

on August 31, 2012


It’s Friday.
A very soggy, and messy Friday.

Let me just say,
I am so grateful for the rain that our area has been longing for during the past several months of drought and heat!

Quenching the parched earth’s
thirst at last.

But for me…
today would be a great day to just cuddle up on the sofa while catching up on my favorite shows.

My husband and I are a soggy mess.
Our hair dripping,
Jeans dragging,
Shoes soaking.

We are wet!

Poor Brian had patio furniture to carry down the hill and up the steps and then
clip it all together.
All the while rain crashed down as if buckets were being overturned.
He was drenched!

I had boxes to unload and cut and drop into the recycling bin. (Twice)
I stepped in puddles that drowned my once yellow shoes.
Dragging water logged boxes from truck to container as the rain poured down, making sure every inch of me was covered.

Getting gas was fun
as a gust of wind sprayed gasoline everywhere!
I narrowly escaped a mouthful.

Taking the dogs out has been an adventure as I try to lure them into the muddy space that was once our yard.
They look at the rain from the porch and sit down,
as if to say “nice day but no way am I going out there!”
Finally they decide to run quickly to their spot and do their job so they can hurry back in.


We still accomplished our tasks on the wettest of days.
Through wind and rain.
Puddles and more puddles.
Wet clothes and all.

That makes it feel just a little more rewarding.
That we did what we needed to do
-soggy mess and all.


4 responses to “A Soggy Mess

  1. Wanda says:

    Hopefully a hot shower warmed you up and helped you feel better, especially knowing that those chores are done.

  2. Jeanne Livers says:

    I can’t WAIT to see the new furniture!!!

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