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Grey Days


Anyone else addicted to the t.v. show “Grey’s Anatomy?”

I began watching right from the beginning. Episode one, season one.

Hooked immediately with the romanticized look at the life of becoming a surgeon for the best hospital and trained by the best possible mentors in one of my favorite cities-Seattle.

Doctors falling for interns, doctors falling for doctors, interns falling for interns… So many relationships!

Patients being healed by new technology,

patients dying because they just couldn’t be saved,

doctors trying to save the ones they love (some with success and tearful tragic endings for others).

Soon I had my husband invested as well, as I think I begged him to watch the series one weekend years ago.

We began a fantastic tradition!

We wait to watch the season until it comes out on DVD and dedicate a weekend to our “Cave”, where all we do is sink into our comfy sofas and indulge in the luxury of becoming immersed into the lives of all that enter Seattle Grace.

We have our loungewear on and I get the most huggable blanket and turn down the lights.

We have our favorite snack and manage to truly escape reality for an entire weekend!

It’s like reuniting with your favorite friends again.

We catch up on all that has happened in the past year,

often pausing because of the intensity of the drama.

Tears flow as the adoption is up in the air,

“NO!” I say. “Meredith and Derek are going to be great parents!”

Tears of relief as they do end up getting their baby back.

Their lives become so real to me!

Their pain, mine.

Their joy, mine too.

OH how I love this show and the flow of the story.

I am a romantic at heart and I think that is what intrigues me most.

I want everyone to work their relationships out and for all outcomes to to end in peace,

but that is not what happens and that is what keeps me coming back.

It does echo the heart breaks in life and it does echo the peace of making things whole again.

Probably my most favorite part of it all,

is sharing this with my husband.

He and I can laugh about it and discuss the characters and story lines.

Who else can I discuss the ins and outs and complications of these crazy doctors that you just can’t help but say, “Which one would I most be like?”

In the end, I feel it is like reading a good book series.

You invest in each character, even the ones you don’t like,

you watch them fail and succeed,

and you can’t do a thing about it!

You shout at the t.v. and you are shocked at certain outcomes.

There are plots and twists and in the end,

you have no say.

I love our “Grey” days!

So off I go to watch the end of season 8.

Oh how I already don’t want it to end.

What is going to happen with Christina and Owen?

Surely now Meredith and Derek and Zola will live happily ever after!

They have had enough tragedy in their lives.

How will season 8 explode in the end?

Don’t tell me!

But onward we will move,

making sure not to catch a glimpse or hear a plot twist on the new season,

Until our next “Grey” days.


The Writing On The Wall


Turned sideways,
This is my name.
Written by me.
At an early age.
On the basement floor of my childhood home.

My parents are selling the home they have lived in for 35 plus years.
It is time.
Time to move closer to the things they hold dearest in their hearts.

I was helping them paint when I uncovered my handi-work.
I found another autograph on a wall that was once my twin’s and my room.
Both done carefully,
Slanting downward
With my twin’s name above mine
And slanting upward.

A reflection of my thoughts.
She was the “better” twin.
Prettier and more acceptable.
She was my best friend.
I would never hurt her or
Think poorly of her.
She and I were inseparable.
She was and still is,
The most thoughtful person I know.

At the time,
At such a young age,
My insecurities were reflected in my writing.
I didn’t realize that then.
The things I could whisper in that young girls ears to undo the lies she thought were true.

A home holds more than just the good memories, you know.

This home,
Full of stories and holidays and vacations and voices and noises,
Now it’s time to part ways.

Maybe I can bury the hurtful ghosts of my past when saying good-bye.
Maybe those happy meals cooked and shared
and laughter and games
and singing and praying
will be all that’s left.

So many great times.
This was where I found that inner gift.
The one God left in my heart.
The one that said,
“teach. Work with children.”

This was where we played outside instead of watching tv.
Where the garden hose was a water park when complete with buckets and sponges.
Where my sister and I played trucks in the dirt with my older brother.
Where we hid from our neighbor ,
“Mr. Hammerhead,”
And ran from our other neighbors German shepards.
Where we had a secret fort and made pizza on Saturday nights and camped out on the living room floor.

This childhood home.
The one for sale.
Where my twin and I played with the only neighbors we had,
They were all boys.
It didn’t matter to us then.
Where we tried to save animals that were dying or
Held our baby sister and brothers
Or worked on our very secret and funny plans.
(Like the time we went up to each brother and sister and told them we loved them and hugged them.
Yes. That was our “plan” because we wanted them to just know we loved them.)

This was where we would see how far up the steps we were willing to jump from onto the pillows and blankets on the landing.
(Thanks to the daring older brother for this idea.)
And where I first told my twin “bye” when she headed off to college.
Our first “real” separation.
My heart ripping in two,
As she had the other part of it.

This home was where my then boyfriend,
Now husband,
Sat together on the porch swing.
Sweetly enjoying time -talking and holding hands.
Where he watched my younger sister and brothers grow up.
Where we said good-bye when he went off to college and I shed a flood of tears because I would miss him so much
And where I told my family good-bye when we got married and packed up my few belongings to move into my new home.

So many memories,
That when recalled,
Feel as if I am still living them.

The writing is on the wall.
This was home.
This was where we lived and loved.
I will I am sure cry as we say good-bye,
But will always reflect on the words not written on the walls,
But Engraved on my heart.


The Most Delectable Store

I notice that so many bloggers have pictures of food they make from scratch.
I am not an adventurous cook and don’t often have my own recipes.
(ok I have no kitchen creations of my own)

But I will continue to share my favorite
Store bought goodies from time to time.


This is one of my favorite treats from
Dean & Deluca!

Cinnamon Babka.

The closest store is about 2 1/2 hours away.
Thank God!
So when I visit my brother and sister-in-law, (who happen to be within 15 minutes of this amazing store), I try to stop in.

This babka is full of cinnamon and is moist and dense and absolutely a must if you visit Dean & Deluca.
They also have a chocolate babka,
But this is my favorite!

Another yummy treat:


Rice Krispy treats with carmel.
I ate a fourth and am going to savor each delectable bite!
They also have sprinkled and chocolate rice krispy treats.

Can I just tell you about Dean & Deluca’s?

I find the store such a pleasure to walk through.
I mean you walk in and to your left is a huge candy bar where you can fill bags with anything from gummy worms to chocolate bites to licorice.

To your right is the coffee bar,
Full of aromas that tease you.
Just try to walk by without being tempted by a latte or cappuccino.

Straight ahead?
All the best kinds.
You can sample and smell and choose which one is going to compliment your pasta.

Don’t worry-
Plenty of pastas and sauces and fresh breads,
All within the window filled walls of this store which screams luxury shopping!

This is no Shop’n Save!
So be ready.
The prices match the quality of food.
Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Not that I would
by any means
want to pay some of these prices weekly,
But to leisurely browse the shelves and their perfectly packaged goodies,
Is quite heavenly.

Did I mention they make sandwiches and soups and breakfast and dinner?

There isn’t one thing that I haven’t liked,
But I guess I will have to keep trying new things.
For research sake!


My Jesus Sisters*

(Just a couple of my Jesus sisters)



Not by biological link,

But by the blood of Jesus.

My Jesus sisters*.


We believe in hope and truth and love.

Ultimate love.

Sacrifice and pain.

Light beyond light.


We share laughter and hugs.

Joy and delight.

Hurts and fears.

Our struggles and our triumphs.


We choose each other.

To pray for and with.

We watch movies and share books.

We go to plays and concerts and on trips.

We dance and sing and eat!


We accept that we are sisters through Christ.

We know He brought us together to lift each other up,

To embrace the gifts we can share,

To acknowlege His glory through it all.


My Jesus Sisters.

Oh how I am blessed to learn how to be a better “me.”

How I am blessed to learn how to reach out my hand instead of closing my fist.

How I am blessed to feel the love of the Lord in a physical way.

How I am blessed to know,

there are so many of my Jesus sisters I have yet to meet.


“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,

Love like you’ll never be hurt,

Sing like there’s nobody listening,

And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

William W. Purkey


I am blessed to say that we have done just that!

I love you each- my Jesus sisters!


*(Please note “Jesus sisters” comes from Lysa Terkeurst who says it all the time!

Thanks Lysa for that perfect description!)






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One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

A big thank you and shout out to fellow blogger- Nitzy!

Thank you for nominating me- as if I could live up to the expectation of “lovely” without the help of all my family and friends and let’s be honest, the cutest dogs ever!

They are the inspiration for so many posts!

Please check out Nitzy’s very admirable and award winning blog!

The rules for this award are:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
List seven random things about yourself
Nominate fifteen other awesome bloggers
Seven random things about me:

-I like to feel like I have accomplished tasks,  so I love to make lists just to check off items.

-I have a large family, and wouldn’t want it any other way.  It is the reason I am who I am and why I have so many stories to tell.

-I am not a fan of talking on the phone, I would rather speak face to face.

-I love to send cards/photos to family because I think about how I would feel to receive something in the mail that actually makes me smile and especially if it isn’t expected.  I should do it more.

-I love the competition shows on t.v.;  mainly “So You Think You Can Dance” and “American Idol” but also “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent”.

-I love my “Beats” by Dre even though some people in my life (you know who you are) say there are much better headphones out there.   Brian will be talking to me and I have no idea because all I hear is music.  It feels like my own soundtrack…

-I don’t like the idea of a “silent retreat” because I often need to bounce ideas and thoughts off of people for me to really reflect.  But I know that I need to be still more so that I can hear what God is desperately trying to share with me.  It would probably be perfect for me.

I don’t know how any of that could possibly enlighten you but I try to follow the rules…

One Lovely Blog Award goes to:





Check out these other very lovely blogs!


Eleven Years


Eleven Years
Since the day when we were shocked into an awakening.

Eleven years
Since we were made aware of our mortality.

Eleven years
Since time stood still and our lives froze as we watched so many suffer.

Eleven years since heroes were born and shared the last breath they had so that one other life may go on.

Eleven years
Strength and struggle,
Triumph over death.

We are stronger and have a thicker skin.

We will not forget the pain and sadness
But we are not still in that place.

We have forged ahead.

“You can’t take our fight.
You can’t take our perseverance.
We do stand strong together!”

Prayer at the heart of it all.

God joining our men and women and somebodies child,
As they protect and serve and
Yes, sometimes die.
For us.
With honor.
To move on to an everlasting joy.

Eleven years later.
Lessons have been learned.
Hurts still being healed.
Holes never filled.

And still…
Grace and God and goodness.
Love taking up the space of hate.

As much bad there
Is and was,
Love is and was there.

Eleven years.
And still we move on.


The Cardinals, Key Lime Pie Martinis and the Cutest Fan Ever


Saturday was a beautiful day for baseball and any event outdoors.
It was as if God breathed a Heavenly breathe over us.
The sun was brilliantly placed and there was a feeling of freshness to the day.

Brian and I were fortunate enough to spend this gorgeous day with my brother, sister-in-law, godson, and my sister and brother-in-law.

First stop – “J Bucks” restaurant for the oh so delicious Key Lime Pie Martinis.
Us girls just wanted to lick the bottom of the glasses.
I can’t tell you how much we look forward to the frothy and smooth concoction.

We spent a couple of hours lavishly drinking, eating and catching up.
It was a great time!
We then said goodbye to Melissa and Kevin and were off on the short walk to Busch Stadium.

This was Evans first Cardinals game!


How cute is he?!!!

We sit right above the third base line,
So the visitors dugout is the perfect spot for autographs and baseballs before the game.

Except it is the “visitors.”
We played Milwaukee,
So Evan tried working the Brewers with his cutest faces,
But no ball.

We even told them it was his first game!
“I don’t have a ball.” said one player.
(At a baseball game?)
I am not a fan of the Brewers.


Evan eyed the Cardinal dugout.
If only we were over there!
With our fantastic Cardinals!

Oh well.
We went to our seats to enjoy the game.
Hoping to kick some Brewer butt.
No ball. Whatever!

The game was not our best.
(I forgive you Cardinals.)
Still the evening was crisp and the fans around us were great!


There was a foul ball hit just a few rows behind us and a t-shirt shot just two rows in front of us.
Lots of good music and plenty of cheering.
Evan found the boy eating nachos behind us fascinating.
He drooled a little and smacked his lips,
Hoping for one taste.

So we didn’t win this one.
We had a great time,
As always at Busch Stadium.
Then headed back to Coogee and Cooper who just couldn’t believe they weren’t allowed to go.



The Sunshine Award


I was sweetly surprised to be nominated for the Sunshine award today by :

Liam has a great blog that you must check out!
Thanks, Liam!

So the conditions of this award are to answer the eight questions below, and nominate 10 other awesome bloggers.

The Questions:
1. What is your favourite Christmas/festive movie?
– “It’s a Wonderful Life” I can watch over and over,
But my husband and I love to watch
“Christmas Vacation!”

2. What is your favourite flower?
Without a doubt- the rose.
In particular the “fire and ice” rose
That my husband has always given me.
(so they are super special)

3. What is your favourite non – alcoholic beverage?
-Mocha Fraps or
Coke (Trying not to drink it, though)
Cherry coke at the movies tops all.

4. What is your passion?
My husband! Awww.
Also reading, writing and movies.

5. What is your favourite time of year?
I love each season right before it gets here!
Summer is special because of my birthday.

6. What is your favourite time of day?
Not mornings!
Probably evening.
Twilight (before the vampires come out)
Sun disappearing into the horizon,
A calmness entering the air.

7. What is your favourite physical activity?
I always wish I had trained so that I was good. In my head I am.

8. What is your favourite vacation?
Oh my.
We have had so many!
Australia many times has been fantastic! Climbing the bridge in Sydney with my sisters was very memorable.
New York.
Too many to list just one.

The Nominees:

I hate making this decision so these are just some of the blogs bring sunshine to my life!












Be sure to check those blogs out and thanks again Liam!



As Promised…

I am going to try
Every week to bring you one of the blog sites I follow.

It is hard to choose because I love each one of them!

This week my pick is:
(drumroll please)

I find her blog beautiful and stimulating.
Taking in each photo as if I was holding it in my hand.

I love photography and this site meets that artistic,
And imaginative
Side of my brain.

Besides that Rona takes time to comment and has promised to dog sit for me. 🙂
Anyone who loves my dogs
(without knowing them)
Is great in my book!

I hope you go and enjoy the beautiful work of Rona Black.


Ms. Blogging Etiquette


Maybe there is a Ms. Blog Etiquette,
But she has yet to approach me with the official blogging rules.

I have been blogging for about 5 months now,
Trying to fulfill that insatiable desire to put words on a page.

My question for myself (and you),
“Am I
(are you)
Living up to the unspoken blogging communities expectations?”

This question brought up the fact that there must be some etiquette for readers and writers.


-1. Do you even read the blog?!
Please don’t randomly “like” a page without even skimming the material.

It feels good to get those likes,
But then I am left wondering,
“Wait. Did they read it?”

I must confess,
I have been guilty of quickly liking some posts without fully reading.
Please forgive me.
I an much more apt to reading the whole content now that I have been blogging for a little while.

2. Do you comment on the pages you read?
Please take a little time to at least,
once in a while,
place a thoughtful sentiment on the blogs you follow.

I mean I try so hard to do this.
Even if it’s a “wow” or “great blog”,
Please note –
I just had to reply because I felt something from what you wrote!

I appreciate all the comments I receive as they are so often encouraging words.

-3. Do you pass on those great posts?
Please forward posts that astound you,
Make you want to
you just can’t stop thinking about.

I need to pass on more of those posts to you and blogs that I follow.
I will resolutely do this more in the future.
(Starting tomorrow.)


1. Are you aware of how many words you have written?
Please consider your words wisely.
It may or may not be necessary to write a hundred word post.

Ok so I tend to write shorter posts and was wondering if there is some kind of guideline.
Are “professional bloggers” considered so because they write a certain number of words?
Most blogs I connect with tend to be short or at least a great story.
But there are some blogs that intimidate me just because of the length of their posts.

Some have to be longer because of the details and pictures and beautifully laid out thoughts.

What do you prefer or does it matter?

2. Do you share personal experiences and matters from your heart?
Please add personal stories and matters into posts to help connect you to the reader.

I love to read about you and your lives!
I try to include my stories (including the embarrassing ones ),
So that you get a small glimpse of who I am.
Thank you for all you share!

I may just be speaking for myself,
But those moments you share make me laugh and cry and feel good.

-3. Do you edit?
Please edit all posts so that the content is readable.

I try!
I really try.
I am not always great at it and
I am sure I have a million grammatical errors.

I try to sift through the mindless ramble and considerate thoughts.
Which to toss,
which to keep?

I hope I have been a blogger with etiquette thus far.
I will continue to share my stories and feelings and books and life.

Hopefully you like what you read.
Hopefully you read what you “like.”