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Our Humble Library

on September 4, 2012


My first love was books.
Growing up, our home was full of them.
Dad and mom reading to us often.
Sweeping us off to faraway places, sounds and adventures!

“It” was there from the beginning,
The feeling that something great was about to happen on these pages.

The weight of words carefully placed
Between the cardboard cover wrapped in beautiful colors and artistic embellishment.

Whether true or fiction,
Seeping into my imagination.

Suddenly I am transported to another city, year, home, job.
I have different experiences,
Not all pleasant,
As I transfer from one life to another.

Books become movies of my mind.
The voices are clear.
The images complete.
I don’t need pictures to “see”
What the author is conveying.

We have an assorted collection.
Signed and not.
Fiction, non-fiction,
Inspiration, Christian ,
Educational, cultural,
Elaborate and simple.
I am not sure how many we have,
Nor does it matter.

A dream comes true for me.
Our book shelves are being installed!
For months,
Our books have sat neglected in our garage.
Piled high.

A home with its own library.
A dream.
We can pluck at our desire.
We can build up and share.

It is not a huge room full of shelves,
But it is two floor to ceiling shelves.
Modest and humble considering some home libraries,
cherry cathedrals full of
First editions.

All the same,
To me,
Our library
I anticipate to be my favorite part of our home.

Our own humble library.


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